Sonequa Green – Leading Female Cast

Sonequa is one of the widest known actresses in TV nowadays, she stars in the worldly renown The Walking Dead as Sasha, one of the main characters of the series and is also known for playing Tamara in Once Upon a Time, another worldly renown TV show.

However, she wasn’t always a TV series actress, as she starred in many films before getting to be what she is today. She actually started as an independent actress, in movies like The Good Wife and such.

Sonequa Martin-Green was actually born in Alabama. She has 4 sisters, three of which are half-sisters. She’s the only actress in the family, even though she actually wanted to be apsychologist before getting into the world of acting.

She graduated in 2007 with a degree in theater, and alongside her husband, she went to live in California, the place that gave her the opportunity to keep following her dream of becoming a high-paid living actress, exactly what she is today.

How She Started

Even though Sonequa is mainly known for being a television star, she actually started as an sonequa martinindependent actress in many films since 2005.  The film that gave her more recognition and actually helped her to get the roles she’s mostly known for is “Toe to Toe”, a film directed by Emily Abt in which she plays Tosha, a girl who wants to get out of Anacostia, one of the poorest neighborhoods in Washington, but ends up in problems alongside her friend who was previously her rival, Jessie (played by Louisa Krause), a girl who’s also troubled but not at the same level of Tosha.

After being able to act in such a film, she received many critical appraisals for being such a wonderful and real actress on the screen. Thanks to this role, she was able to make her name be known widely in the US, something that helped her get her latest and most successful roles as an actress.

Her Recent Years

Sonequa is nowadays known for her wonderful and very entertaining roles in different TV series, from The Walking Dead to Once Upon a Time. However, her first ever role on TV was on “Law & Order: Criminal Intent”.

She then received the opportunity to star in other movies like Army Wives and eventually in The Good Wife. After that, she appeared in the renowned Gossip Girl in 2011 and has been a recurring actress after that, receiving multiple opportunities to be at the small and big screen at the same time.

Her role in The Walking Dead is maybe the one that makes her be one of the most known actresses in the industry. She plays Sasha, a survivor from the Zombie Apocalypse from which this series is based from.

But she wasn’t immediately cast for the show, she was actually rejected for the first casting sonequa martin greenaudition she made for the role of Michonne, a role Danai Gurira, her fellow actress got. However, the casting director felt like Sonequa could actually offer a lot to the series, so he decided, alongside the production team, to create an interesting character for Sonequa, Sasha, sister of Tyresee in the show.

Her role as Sasha have given her many favorable reviews as an actress, and thanks to this series she has been able to live as a recurring actress in Hollywood.

But Sasha is not the only role she has gotten on TV. She is actually working as Tamara in another big series called Once Upon a Time, a series based on a story about a world full of magic, in which she has also made herself be known and get a lot of other opportunities.

Actually, she’s nowadays being cast to star in the soon-to-be-released movie Star Trek: Discovery, which is supposed to be released this year and from which Sonequa was cast as a main new character.

Sonequa in Her Daily Rich Life…

Right now, Sonequa Martin-Green is widely known in the whole world, not only for her unbeatable acting skills but for the many different roles she has been able to work for. Sonequa is an actress that everyone likes to see in the screen – whether it is a small or big screen.

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