Toe To Toe (2010) Movie Online Review

Toe to Toe is not a masterfully created hd film nor did it make a great appearance in the mainstream media. Toe to Toe is just a free film which argues about and comments on the difference in the lives of people with different backgrounds, how they live, how they struggle and their overall day-to-day as teenagers.

This film touches many serious and important subjects like race, sexuality, friendship, social backgrounds and more.

Created and directed by Emily Abt(an amateur filmmaker), you can see how it devotes its time to show a different aspect of what we believe we know, in a way that may not seem the best but still accomplishes sending a message in such an artistic and real way, that at least makes the audience feel compelling, a little.

And that’s a problem because Abt really tried very hard to show an honest and more compassionate view of the contemporary life of youth in the world, especially in the part of the world where this movie happens.

As the movie starts to find its way into the screen, you can see how she makes her best effort to portray what she believes happens and what she believes needs to be told. Introducing two great main characters and the movie goes telling a story that in the screen could offer a lot more.

The Story and The Characters

This film is about Jesse (Louisa Krause) and Tosha (Sonequa Martin-Green), a couple of friends who are seniors in a prep school where they are also part of a lacrosse team. The movie introduces to these two main characters showing their rivalry, a rivalry that shows how they are different in many ways, especially for their backgrounds and social surroundings.

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As you see, Jesse and Tosha start being rivals, playing in different teams and eventually getting to know each other just for that rivalry that ends up making them friends, improbable friends at best.

The movie then goes to show a little more background from Jesse, who is a girl which seemingly has everything she could want, living in a mansion where she invites Tosha to, where we can start seeing the racial and economic disparities about these two characters, especially when they become getting closer and closer, knowing each other more and having a better idea of each other’s lives.

For a moment, the movie focuses on how, as close as they live from each other, the background differences in both social and economic factors are very big.

You can see how Jesse, even though having everything she needs, is a lonely and troubled teenager, someone who has an emotional problem and who gets involved in promiscuous and harsh activities as a reliever.

All of this happens due to the rejection of her mother, making her act so compulsively that ends up being destructive and eventually harsh in almost every way possible, from her academic performance to the athletic willingness to become better and more efficient. But her background and her private life come to life every time she wants to become better, especially when everyone reminds her of her dark and wrong teenager sexual encounters.

Tosha’s Ambitions

On the other hand, there is Tosha, a girl who is focused on her goal of making it to the biggest team of lacrosse and eventually getting out of her difficult home problems, both financial and social, but who is overall, a more extroverted and eventually nicer girl than Jesse.

Tosha lives in Anacostia, a poorer and more difficult part of the city from where Jesse comes from. But she evolves in a better and more serious way than Jesse does, making her a mind striver, someone who is determined to follow her dreams and eventually achieve what she wants without the help of anyone else.

She is the role model of every other girl, even though she is black and poor, and something she doesn’t show until later – a girl filled with anger and self-pity. This makes her act as compulsively as Jesse, but more disciplined, towards her goals and towards an idealized version of herself she may never achieve.

As you see so far, what Ms. Abt tried to portray with this movie is the difference and clear contrast between the lives of two young and seemingly troubled girls who both struggle in their own ways, even though her problems can eventually be fixed, both end up in almost the same problem, facing her teenage dreams with problems that crack them both at the end.

ToeToToe Movie “Color”

This movie is a mix between a Sports/Background movie and a Love/Friendship one, with a plot and a characterization that makes it look more like an essay about social problems in the US than a film about the lives of two teenagers who are both trying to struggle in her own ways.

However, the message still gets to be told and gets to be thought about, despite the seemingly lazy and sometimes mechanic directing and screenplay.

But Abt way of directing is not as bad as it seems, as her way of telling the story gives enough place and time to the characters to get their own necessary time in the camera to breathe, to tell their stories, to show their developments and eventually depict two different lives in a way that doesn’t get to be told too often on screen.

You can see how the movie tries to portray such a powerful and important subject Emily Abt created. Her way of telling such a nightmare but still coherent life of two adolescent gets to show a real and sometimes exaggerated part of what being a teenager in such a suburban area is like, touching different themes as racism, sexuality, betrayal, and her own type of friendship and love in way that may not be the best in the genre but still gives a lot more sense and thought-provoking ideas that let it be one original movie, psychologically traumatic at best.

Btu the movie delivers what it was supposed to deliver. Every assumption on the characters and the plot gets challenged and answered.

Every time a character tries to understand another, the movie delivers differences in though and in backgrounds, a difference that makes the movie get its own way of appreciation, that may not be the best but still enjoyable.

The movie is simply different but lazy in many ways. Tells a story about difficult teenagers lives in her own ways, two adolescents who put their futures at the risk of failure and show the naivety and innocence of two teenage souls in a way that only Abt has been able to do, in a more honest appreciation that leaves no detail to imagination, getting the audience to know in a deep way the life of two girls who struggle to get what they desire.

A Pretty Good Story

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As said before, the free movie is not wonderful nor it is the worst. It is a hd movie that deserves credits for representing such a good and wonderful idea in a different and more original way, and as such many sites gave poster spaces for the movie.

At the same time, it deserves the criticism of having such a story being told in a lazy and sometimes boring way, thanks to the inexperienced hands of Emily Abt, who did her best but couldn’t offer exactly what everyone could expect from such a story.

But as the story could be a lot better as what it actually is, we assure you that this film will move you, will reach your deepest feelings and touch your emotional nerves just a little, at least.Fancy button

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