Louisa Krause

Rachel Krause or mostly known as Louisa Krause, is an American actress for television, stage, and film.

She’s been an actress for more than 10 years and has been able to star in big movies like “The Babysitters” in 2007, “Martha Macy May Marlene” in 2011, “Young Adult” in 2011 and “The Heart Machine” in 2014. She has also been in many other movies like Ava’s Possesions and The Abandoned, both in 2015.

Thanks to these movies and her reluctantly great acting, she’s been able to hold a great name for herself in the industry, making her one of the best and most famous young actresses today. However, her lucky wasn’t always this great, even though she has always been an artist and drama girl.

Louisa’s  First Years

Louisa, before being an actress, was a family girl from Virginia. Her father is part Japanese, and Louisa Krauseher mom  is native American.

Louisa’s brother, Nathaniel, who is a director himself and who, like her, decided to pursue a career in the world of art, mainly film and television, from which both, especially Louisa, have been greatly renowned.

However, her interest for film, alongside her brother, started when she was a ballet dancer in Washington, something that helped her start in the world of acting on stage, where she was the main actress in many of her first high-school plays and musicals.

After finishing high school and already being somehow famous for her big roles as a stage actress, she decided to go for a career in acting, when she signed up for Carnegie Mellon Drama School, where she earned a title as a professional actress. However, it wasn’t until later that she got her first role in a major film.

But before getting a big role in films, she started as a theater actress, playing Off-Broadway plays in 2007 for the Signature Theatre Company, in plays like Iphigenia, In a Dark Dark House and many more plays that in multiple theaters like Lucille Lortel Theatre and others.

That same year, after receiving a lot of great appraisals and being discovered for having such a great talent for acting, she was offered a role in the movie “The Speed of Life” and the famous “The Babysitters”.

But it wasn’t until 2009 with the movie Taking Woodstock and Toe to Toe The Movie where she could eventually deliver her best talent and most hidden special acting skills, appearing in both independent movies and getting to be known for many critics who gave her great appraisal for her acting.

Thanks to these two movies and other independent films and shorts, she could eventually be offered many different great roles alongside the best actors in the industry. Actually, this was the start of her career as an important actress, a career is still exploding.

Her Recent Years

Even though she’s still young, Louisa offers immensely important acting skills that make her one of the best in its type of acting.

This was something we discovered with her role in “Young Adult”, released in 2011, a movie she played a clerk at a hotel where Charlize Theron, the actress who portrayed the main character of the movie was staying.

Actually, the trailer and many promotional videos for the movie included her in a way that made her be known in the industry, helping her get a lot more other opportunities to stand out and push herself into the small and big screen.

After Young Adult, Louisa starred in “Martha Marcy May Marlene”, a movie where she plays alongside Elizabeth Olsen and John Hawkes, two great young actors who were in their discovering years as well.

However, it wasn’t until 2012 with the film “Return” that we could see Louisa acting as a professional and even more than that. This movie, playing opposite of Michael Shannon and Linda Cardellini, was the movie that made her be seen as a wonderful actress today.

But she’s also appeared in other movies after that, like “King Kelly” where she played the main character, in “Bluebird” with John Slattery and one of her latest, “You Can’t Win as Irish Annie”, a great TV series.

Last year, she portrayed two different characters in two different movies, “Donald Crieg” and “Dog Eat Dog”, two movies that came a year after she went on a journey into the world of horror with the movies “Ava’s Possession” and “The Abandoned” in 2015.

Thanks to these roles and more, we can easily say that Louisa is one of the best young actresses today. Even though she’s already in her thirties, she still offers a lot more than other actors in her age range. A wonderful actress overall.

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