Gaius Charles

Born in 1983, May 2nd, Gaius Charles is a critically acclaimed American television, stage and film actor who’s mostly known for his roles in the series “Friday Night Lights”, “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Aquarius” and many more.

What’s more, every one of these roles he has been able to create a great audience and a wonderful team of fans, making him a very renowned actor for his age.

His First Years

As an actor, he started at the perfect age in different theaters and as a stage actor. However, it wasn’t until he attended the Carnegie Mellon University of Fine Arts where he could find out that he really wanted to be an actor.

Gaius Charles actorHe got a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a degree in drama. Thanks to this, he started his career as an actor, in works like Candide, The Wild Party, Spunk and even Romeo and Juliet, and so on. This were his first years as an actor, but due to his great performances and fine acting skills, he then got pretty good opportunities to act in major films and TV series.

However, in order to get good roles and eventually good contracts in Hollywood, he had to keep going in the independent world, where he starred in his first ever TV show called “The Book Of Daniel”, a series where he could deliver such a great performance that immediately made him one of the best future stars at the time, in 2006. After that, he got pretty good roles in different TV shows and movies…

His Recent Years

Gaius Charles is a wonderful, strong, magnetic, versatile and totally talented actor who has become a real star in Hollywood in recent years.

However, after The Book Of Daniel, he got one of the best roles in his career, and maybe the oneGaius Charles role that gave him such a wonderful recognition in his career, Brian “Smash” Williams, a guy from the TV show “Friday Night Lights” where he delivered maybe his best performance and the most important one in his career.

After that, he’s been in other great productions like Grey’s Anatomy, where he plays a main character throughout the whole series and Aquarius, a series he played until 2016 in the role of Bunchy Carter.

However, these weren’t his only roles as a TV series actor, he also played in Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD as Ruben Mackenzie for 2 episodes, Blindspot, Drunk History and NCIS. He also gave his voice to Batwing in a Batman video.

When it comes to movies, Gaius has had a great list of works as well. His first movie was The Stanford Experiment, where he played alongside Ezra Miller and Billy Crudup.

Then, he made the acclaimed the cinema movie Toe to Toe, alongside Sonequa Martin-Green, Ally Walker, and Louisa Krause. From then, he could get even better roles, like the one in the movie The Messenger alongside Ben Foster and Woody Harrelson. He’s also been in other movies like Salt and Takers.

Where is He Now

Right now, Gaius plays a role in a TV series called Taken, where he’s in the boots of John, the main character in the series and one of the most important in the whole TV.

However, his most recent works include plays in the theater like Othello in the Public Theater and the Labyrinth Theatre Company.

As a stage actor he was part of great plays alongside other great actors like Phillip Seymour Hoffman and John Ortiz, but right now, he’s in a journey in search of a good new role that could give him the push he needs to star in many different new movies, as a wonderful actor he is.

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