Emily Abt Biography – Toe to Toe Film Director

Emily Abt is a young and very talented filmmaker who has made pretty interesting films on many different subjects, but almost all of them are in a certain way connected to social causes and the way women are seen in society.

Almost all of her films carry messages that are deep and thought-provoking, like her latest project “Audrey’s Run”, a girl who wants to be major in Boston.

Nowadays, Emily Abt is 36 years old. She lives in Brooklyn and she spends her life making independent films and documentaries.

She’s mainly a director but she also writes any type of film. But to survive, Emily also does commercial work and teaches filmmaking in Princeton.

She’s actually a Bachelors of Arts in the New York University, where she majored in the field of Politics and Sociology. After graduating, she then decided to study film, as her passion and the field that she liked the most, she went to Columbia University to achieve her goals as a filmmaker, getting an MFA.

Her First Years

When she was young enough and still a filmmaker in the making, she had to do dozens of internships in order to survive. But her first job was a caseworker, where she says she won a lot of experience and got to tell a good story, good enough to be transformed into her first documentary “Take It From Me”, a story about a client of hers and the transition of that client from welfare to work. This documentary was not a success as she would’ve liked, but helped her get her second job as a waitress.

While still working as a waitress, she then decided to make her new and second documentary called “All of Us”, a documentary about the life of a young doctor who was fighting again AIDS on black women. This documentary won her a little recognition, as the film was selected as the Showtime Network’s Word AIDS Film back in 2008.

After getting that recognition and being able to start a filmmaker career by her own, she decided to start writing and directing her first hd film, “Toe to Toe”, the film which she’s most recognized from and the one that gave a lot of critically acclaimed reviews back in 2010.

Toe to Toe was the movie that led her to keep going in such a wonderful filmmaking career. She was able to get a nice manager and a professional agent after the success of “Toe to Toe” and could keep going with her career, from which she has remarked that she’s always learning, both from her mistakes and the immense amount of material there is to learn from.

Recent Years

Her most recent films include True to the Game, the adaptation from “Audrey’s Run” a novel and bestseller at New York Times.

Then she produced and directed “Daddy Don’t Go”, a documentary about the life of a group of men in New York as they struggle and battle every day to give the best to their family. However, her adaptation from Audrey’s Run hasn’t been released yet, and it is expected to be released next year, starring Paula Patton, LiliTaylor, and Mike Epps.

Her Life as a Filmmaker

According to many interviews, Emily Abt film making career has been flourishing due to her curiosity and energy about social causes and many different things that happen in society not many people know about.

She is totally committed to give her best to each social cause she can and tell stories with her films and documentaries, stories that go beyond entertainment and that could eventually send messages to society in a way that no other director can.

She focuses on feminist themes and women inspiration due to her desire to give women more power and the ability to stand up for themselves.

Due to this commitment to social causes and her feminist plans, she has been selected, alongside her films, by Variety Magazine as one of the “Top 10 Directors to Watch”, she has also won many other awards and been lauded by publications around the world, such as New York Time which gave her a great appraisal for all of her movies and documentaries, especially for the messages and portrayals of stories that don’t get to be told too much.

She has worked for MTV, for Oprah Network, for PBS, Sundance Channel, and even Showtime. However, her only purpose throughout her whole career has been giving her best and eventually inspiring as many women as she can to get away from the social pressure they feel and do whatever they feel they like to do, teach women to stand up for themselves and give the best to a world that needs more women to endure and persevere.

Emily is an interesting must-watch film director and writer you should not avoid.

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