Ally Walker

Ally Walker is an actress known for her roles in TV series and films like Santa Barbara in 1984, True Blue in 1989 and the film Singles in 1992 plus the known Universal Soldier in 1992, all of which have given her a lot of worldwide recognition and made her one of the most known actresses nowadays.

However, she wasn’t always so lucky as an actress, getting to star in many different films before that.

Ally was born in Tullahoma, Tennessee but was actually raised in Santa Fe in New Mexico. Before being an actress, she studied Biology and Chemistry in California. Then she went to San Francisco in an engineering firm, but all her experience was eventually not recompensed later, as she wanted to always become an actress.

Her First Years

Ally was discovered by an agent in an L.A restaurant before starring in her first movie. But before that, she tried to be a theater graduated woman, studying for only one semester at Richmond College of Arts in London, but then decided to keep going for her career as a science girl.

However, she was very lucky to get a wonderful job as an actress in Santa Barbara, an Emmy-winning series from which she is today known for.

After playing in other movies and TV series like True Blue, Universal Soldier and Singles, she then went to Moon Over Miami, where she played for 1 year and then got a great role in the movie Steal Big Steal Little, even though she actually tried to be cast as Monica and Rachel in the worldly renowned TV comedy show “Friends”.

But wasn’t until later that she could eventually become who she is today, with the movie While You Were Sleeping in 1995, where she played Ashley Bartlett Bacon, a girlfriend of Peter Gallagher, a role that gave her a lot of recognition as an actress.

After that, she played the famous Samantha Waters, a doctor in Profiler, a TV show about a psychologist with a very dark past. This TV series gave her all the fame and renown she needed to eventually become who she is today, thanks to the very interesting and engaging story on this TV show, a show that many people felt compelled by.

Actually, here is where all her fame started to flourish, especially for being the only female main character in TV series at that year that ranked among the best 10 TV shows, something that lasted for several years.

Her Recent Years

After getting recognized as one of the best and most famous actresses in the industry, Ally then became aware of her success and started a journey in other branches of the industry, getting to create a documentary named “For Norman, Wherever You Are”.

The documentary is about her own life experiences as a woman who wanted to take care of a 1-year-old baby in the Los Angeles Foster Care System.

This film portrays some of the worst and most horrible truths of society and the system in which she lives. Thanks to this documentary, she won a Valley International Film Award for Best Documentary.

After that, she decided to come back to the small screen in Tell Me You Love Me in 2007, a show where she plays a girl in a world of relationships, tender scenarios, raw emotions and an overall good feeling where she could explore a different and more interesting type of acting she couldn’t experience before.

This led them to star in other great movies with the same type of feeling, like the 2009’s wonderfully made Toe to Toe hd film, a movie directed and written by Emily Abt in which she plays a troubled mother with a troubled daughter. She also had a role in Wonderful World in 2009 alongside the great Matthew Broderick.

Nowadays, she’s mostly known for her role as a sociopath in the greatly renowned Sons ofAlly Walker Anarchy, alongside Charlie Hunnam, a role she played until 2010 for 3 seasons, even though she was actually hired to only play 3 episodes, but was so good to the show that the production team desired to give more opportunities to stand out.

After Sons of Anarchy, she has been able to portray great roles in other TV shows like “Taxi Brooklyn” where she plays Frankie Sullivan, “Longmire” where she plays Donna Sue Monaghan and the new “Colony”, where she plays Helena until this year, 2017.

Upcoming Movies – Ally Walker

She’s right now in the production of a new movie called “The Magnificent Room”, and filming a new TV series with the name of Ghosted, both her only two new projects as an actress.
Still, Ally Walker has always been a great actress to see on the screen, making her one of the best and maybe the only one that could nail every role she’s had.

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